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Lou Crasher is back! In a virtuoso performance, Don't Shoot The Drummer pulses with relentless action and heart as Crasher rolls through the streets of L.A....A modern day Archer or Spenser...

Shawn Reilly Simmons

Author of the Red Carpet Catering Mysteries 

My Story

Greetings! So glad you made it to my site. I'm very happy to announce that my manuscript, THE BIG CRESCENDO has been picked up by Down and Out Books. So far working with these cats has been amazing! They've got a dynamite crew over there. I've signed a two-book deal with them. The first book drops November 2019.


My rock n roll protagonist is Lou Crasher, a Canadian drummer gigging and living in Los Angeles. He becomes an amateur PI while in pursuit of a can happen. Making Lou a drummer turned amateur PI made sense as I've been playing drums since age 10 and I came up loving Chandler, Hammet and Himes. I also really dug Rockford Files and Magnum PI. I teach drums, I'm a practitioner of Hapkido karate, a fitness trainer and I write stories in between all the aforementioned jazz.

Back in the day

As a court clerk in the 80's I had a bad habit of falling asleep during the slower moving trials. As a way to combat this I took one of the cases, re-wrote, fabricated and took poetic license all over the place. I included many of my fellow clerks and naturally wrote myself as the PI that saves the day and gets the girl. My co-workers loved the story and demanded more. And that  was it--I caught the writer's fever baby.


That's it, the short story of me. Thanks for stopping by.

My Books

I'm a

Character Is What Counts: A Novel Based on then Life of Vince Lombardi
Release date: Late 2021

                             Don't Shoot The Drummer

                         (A Lou Crasher Mystery)

                         Release date: November 2020


The Big Crescendo
(A Lou Crasher Mystery) 
Release Date: Nov. 2019
A Boxing Trainer's Journey: A Novel Based on the Life of Angelo Dundee

(Release Date: Feb.2 2019

              Moose's Law

A Doug "Moose" McCrae Story

Release Date: April 2019


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Music fans, this is your book! In Lou Crasher, a journeyman drummer turned accidental P.I., Jonathan Brown has created a complex character set on a collision course with a cast of dangerous characters in and around L.A.'s music scene. With the pace of a blast beat, Crasher rumbles with a music theft ring, seedy drug dealers, and select members of L.A.'s elite, all while falling for a beautiful woman he is determined to help. Twist after twist, a breakneck pace, and the quick wit of Lou Crasher will have you turning the pages into the night. A wonderful debut. 

Shawn Reilly Simmons

Author of the Red Carpet Catering Mysteries  

"Like a quick three-round undercard, Jonathan Brown punches above his weight class and makes us anticipate what he has in store for the main event. An L.A. Private Eye story that fits in with the classics. If you like your justice handed out with a closed fist, you're going to love Moose."

                                                                                     Eric Beetner

                                                                Author of All The Way Down