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jonathan brown

"Drums, Guns 'n' Money is a jazzy up tempo mystery that kicks like a snare roll. Jonathan J. Brown brings his musicality to this down and dirty crime story. Loved it!"
                                                                       —SA Cosby, best selling author or Razorblade Tears

"Bronze, brainy, and beautiful, Chloe's also about the deadliest 17-year-old you'll ever come across. She's hard to stop and even harder to scare. Knives are her jam, and you want to think twice before you get on the wrong side of Chloe -- or her friends. Everyone could use a friend like Chloe.


-                                                                            - SJ Rozan, best-selling author of FAMILY BUSINESS"

My Story

Welcome back! I'm fired up to announce DRUMS, GUNS 'N' MONEY, A Lou Crasher Thriller, dropped on March 20, 2023. That means it's out now! Now that Iv'e beaten cancer into remission, I've been enjoying getting back out there pressing the flesh, hugging, reading and laughing at various events. Check out the media page.

 I'm also happy to announce that my first foray writing with a female protagonist is complete and so far is well received. I'm referring of course to CHLOE, published June of 2022 with Level Best Books. 

Chloe is a mix raced, (black and white) high school senior bad ass, living in Bucksville, California. Chloe is smart, a little cynical and loyal to her friends. Especially sheriff Jim Boulder, who's got some bad energy coming his way in the form of a motley crew of four. Chloe's going to butt in despite the sheriff's warnings. Chloe's deadly with a knife...correction, knives. But will it be enough to save the sheriff and her own life?

 The plan was to write one Chloe story but I've fallen for the character, so I suspect we'll see at least two more novels. For you loyal fans of Lou Crasher, worry not. DRUMS, GUNS N MONEY is in the capable editorial hands of Down and Out Books and will drop on March 20, 2023! This book will be available as an ebook, paperback and for the first time, an audiobook. If you guessed that I'll be the narrator you guess right. Yup, you heard it here, baby, and you'll hear the whole darn book in March! Woohoo!

I've formed an audiobook production company called Sidecrow Productions with long time buddy, Brent Halfyard. We've produced over a half-dozen books and we're growing by the day. Stay tuned for more info.

Thanks for stopping by.

My Books

A Lou Crasher Thriller
release date: March 20, 2023


                      Release date: June 17th, 2022

Character Is What Counts: A Novel Based on       the Life of Vince Lombardi
Release date: Late 2021

                             Don't Shoot The Drummer

                         (A Lou Crasher Mystery)

                         Release date: November 2020


The Big Crescendo
(A Lou Crasher Mystery) 
Release Date: Nov. 2019
A Boxing Trainer's Journey: A Novel Based on the Life of Angelo Dundee

(Release Date: Feb.2 2019

              Moose's Law

A Doug "Moose" McCrae Story

Release Date: April 2019


More Info
More Info
More Info
My Books
"The appropriately named Lou Crasher in Mr. Brown's Drums, Guns 'n' Money is an adroitly percussive unlicensed private eye who knows the staccato rhythms of the city as he moves and grooves through its warrens to get to the real. The tempo is terse, and the pace of the narrative propels the reader to keep turning the pages. A winner."
                                                                           —Gary Phillips, author of One-Shot Harry

Music fans, this is your book! In Lou Crasher, a journeyman drummer turned accidental P.I., Jonathan Brown has created a complex character set on a collision course with a cast of dangerous characters in and around L.A.'s music scene. With the pace of a blast beat, Crasher rumbles with a music theft ring, seedy drug dealers, and select members of L.A.'s elite, all while falling for a beautiful woman he is determined to help. Twist after twist, a breakneck pace, and the quick wit of Lou Crasher will have you turning the pages into the night. A wonderful debut. 

Shawn Reilly Simmons

Author of the Red Carpet Catering Mysteries  

"Like a quick three-round undercard, Jonathan Brown punches above his weight class and makes us anticipate what he has in store for the main event. An L.A. Private Eye story that fits in with the classics. If you like your justice handed out with a closed fist, you're going to love Moose."

                                                                                     Eric Beetner

                                                                Author of All The Way Down

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